Anarchy in World Politics and Realists Attribute to the Anarchy

It is difficult to understand the world affairs without analysis of anarchy system. In International Relations, “anarchy” is an absence of a central power or authority in international system. The absence of central authority includes the absence of global authorities that make and enforce agreements and rules. Since there is no overarching authority in international... Continue Reading →

CLAN FEDERALISM: Somalia’s Clan Federalism is Far Worse than the current 4.5 Clans’ Power-sharing and Terrorist groups in the Country.

 Somalia is a federal state with six elements (States) organized along clan lines: Jubbaland, South West State, Puntland, Galmudug, Hirshabeele including Somaliland, a self-declared independence from the rest of Somalia after the collapse of the Somali Democratic Republic in 1991. The effort to create these clan-federal states within Somalia will test the limits of federalism... Continue Reading →

Hubinta Sugnaanta Xadiiska

Waxyiga Ilaahay noo soo dhiibay waa quraanka iyo xadiiska oo ah hadalkii iyo dhaqankii Rasuulka NNKH. Quraanka si gaar ah ayaa Ilaahay u ilaaliyey oo quraanka aan hadda haysanno waa hubaal. Laakiin waxaa ilaa qarniyadii ugu horreeyey Islaamka jirey in si xad dhaaf ah la isugu dayey in la abuuro axaadiis been ah kuwaas oo... Continue Reading →

Institutional and Systematic Violence of Land-grabbing to Gosha (Jubba) and Shabelle’s Indigenous Communities of Somalia.

In this article, I will examine the linkages between organized armed ethnic groups’ land grabbing, and land transfer by the Somali Federal government and its regional states, where regional states are key actors in recent large‐scale land transfers. As i argue in this paper and my 2015-piece “Somalia’s Land grabbing from the original Settlers” that... Continue Reading →

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