Three Generations Political Agents’ History Does Repeat and Prove Itself in Somalia.

OmarOmar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke hails from a long line of chronic traitors. His grandfather sold the Somali territory from Adale (Cadaley) to Jarriban to the Italian colonialists. His father, Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, transferred the Northern Frontier District (N.F.D.) to Kenya towards the end of the sixties of last century in 1967. He ordered his Prime Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, to pull the plug on the war for the liberation of the N.F.D.

Remember the Arusha Agreement? Just to refresh your memory, and to prove that the treason really took place. Please note that this Arusha Agreement, giving away the N.F.D. to Kenya. The raging successful N.F.D. war of liberation was suddenly ended fruitlessly by the order of Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke – Omar’s father, who, at the time, was President of the Somali Republic. This agreement was a severe blow to the secessionist’s (Somali-ethnic Kenyans) demands.

History repeats itself.

And Now, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, descending from a long line of traitors, has signed away to Kenya the oil-rich Somali Sea. The agreement signed by Omar Abdirashid, is also called a “Memorandum of Understanding”. The Kenyans must have kept the format of the Memorandum of Understanding intact in their archives. Additionally, Omar Abdirashid lobbied for Kenya to invade Somalia and took control over the port city of Kismayo in lower-juba. Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke’s second time comeback as the Prime minster of the republic, land border is in dispute with Kenya under his premiership.


Somali people are entitled to ask:

Has Omar’s family a close blood relationship with the Kikuyu?

Otherwise, how come they routinely sign away chunks of Somali land and sea to Kenya?

How much did Kenya pay him?

Was it in cash or kind?

How much do the Kenyans still owe him?

Who acted as the middle man?

Where Omar did deposited the money?

Instead of talking, before the UN, about non-issues, such as trade in a civil war atmosphere, Omar needs to come clean about the sale of the land and oil-rich Somali Sea to Kenya.

The Somali people, whose sea and land he sold to Kenya, need answers, answers, and answers Now, Now, Now!

A Side Footnote Flavor:

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