The Unfair and Danger Clan Based Federalism System in Somalia

The increasing clan based development of the system of mini-state of Somalia will reignite hidden clan conflagrations. These regional states have self-nominated presidents and go by so far appointing of Defense, Interior and Foreign ministers. The most negative aspect development of these mini-states is superior to the central government, and potentially complicating national reunification. The purpose of these regional states mainly are to scramble and control valuable territory by marginalizing local populations using coercion. They play clan card to accommodate their kin clans by claiming that they are the majority of the state, telling others “this is our state, so be quiet.”

The theory of “majority rule” style in Somalia: in the diverse regions along the Jubba and Shabelle regions, it is very difficult to claim clan majority unless authentic population census is made. You can’t count the number of districts clan X resides, because we know that many districts were named to benefit certain clans. Plus, most of the population lives in rural areas outside of the districts. We also know that some clans in Jubba and Shabelle regions are more politically active than communities who might outnumber them. Claims of majority without concrete irrefutable proof is just a claim. Therefore, the only fair way to prove numerical majority is if you win free and fair elections without 4.5(Real numbers)-where all local communities participate. The true size of each clan will be clear when Somalia reaches free and fair elections both at federal and regional levels. And all the false claims will die that day. (By: Abdi Mudasir Mohamud-ABDI MUDA)

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